Kim 8 Slimming System for skin care & body contouring

  • Alexandre Poirier
  • 2024-03-07
Système d'amincissement kim 8

The kim 8 slimming system aimed at eliminating cellulite and reducing fat volumes in localized areas. This technique is possible thanks to an ultrasound projection that generates air bubbles that penetrate the fat cells and then break them. Thus, the fat is released into the surrounding tissues and will be eliminated naturally through the lymphatic and urinary system. In addition, the use of waves stimulates the skin tissues, thus causing collagen production and therefore immediate skin firming.

Fat loss and skin care

How does the body eliminate its fat?

Kim 8 Slimming System for stomach slimming
One of the ways to allow the body to eliminate its fat cells for body contouring is to lose weight. Indeed, when you experience a loss of your body weight, your fat cells shrink. It happens when a diet, making regular mechanical aerobic exercise or lifestyle changes cause the body to go into a calorie deficit. As your weight decreases, your body slowly breaks down and naturally sheds its excess fat cells. it is not possible to lose fatty tissue in your body in a targeted way. Indeed, the reduction of fat will be done in a global way throughout the body (in a uniform way).

How can the kim 8 slimming system help with body fat reduction?

Kim 8 Slimming System for hips and waist slimming
However, thanks to kim 8 slimming system 40k cavitation machine, it is possible to obtain an effect similar to the natural elimination of fat without the need for a complicated diet or physical exercises and this in a very targeted way. The kim 8 slimming system allows the body to achieve a state of lipolysis by selectively targeting fatty tissue. In addition to cavitation weight loss, the radio frequency (rf) aesthetics treatment with the kim 8 system will also increase the collagen in the body to make the skin firmer and reduce wrinkles. Unlike liposuction, the treatment with the kim 8 slimming system is non invasive.


What is the weight loss process called lipolysis and how to achieve it?

Kim 8 Slimming System for thighs slimming
There are many ways to stimulate lipolysis in the human body, for example with exercise, a specific diet or certain medications. It is possible for example to practice physical activity on a regular basis to stimulate lipolysis because this will increase the body's energy demand. Another strategy would be to follow a low-calorie, low-fat diet to help the body tap into its fat stores to support its energy needs. Certain medications, such as those used to treat diabetes, may also stimulate lipolysis.

How can the Kim 8 Slimming System allow the body to have lipolysis effect?

The body slimming machine 6 in 1 kim 8 slimming system is an extremely simple way to be able to stimulate lipolysis in order to lose weight since it requires no effort. It's a 5 in or 6 in multipolar machine.

What is cavitation?

Kim 8 Slimming System for belly & abdomen slimming
40k lipo cavitation is a beauty treatment that uses low frequency sound wave through a device to create small bubbles inside the fat cells of the body. This effect ends up causing the bubbles to burst and these then destroy the fat cells by the same effect. Indeed, the strong ultrasonic sound wave of 40 khz generated by the air bubble which explodes, generates an effect of decomposition of the membrane of the fatty cell. It is therefore possible to do beauty treatments in order to do a non-invasive body contouring with the kim 8 slimming system (also called the s shape machine). It's also possible to do a radiofrequency treatment with the kim 8 slimming system that will make the tissues of the skin firmer, greater skin elasticity and allow a rejuvenating effect.

Our devices: Kim 8 Slimming System

The kim 8 slimming ultrasound machine contains all the accessories for treating the face, chest, stomach, buttocks, thighs and arms. Shipping is free anywhere in the USA, Canada, UK and Europe. The kim 8 slimming system comes with full online training. Gels and skin creams are sold separately. The kim 8 slimming system is a great machine for spa owners, beauty salon owners or beaucians.
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