Beauty Cavitation V1 increases your body’s fat burning capabilities to quickly and easily break down fat cells.
This Lipocavitation Machine will firm your skin and reduce your cellulite, which will make you look younger. The cavitation machine can precisely target virtually all areas of the body (thighs, stomach, facial rejuvenation, etc.). The cavitation therapy is completely natural – it uses your body’s intrinsic processes to get rid of fat cells.

 Full online training with videos offered via our professional platform explaining the operation of the device, the modes and the accessories in order to perform the treatments of the stomach, thigh and face. * Our training program is more complete than the competition!

 Training certificate in your name attesting that you have completed our complete training program. You will be able to notify your clients that you have been properly trained.

 FREE and FAST delivery anywhere in USA, Canada, UK and other countries

 All accessories are included with the purchase

 1 year warranty

 Possibility of payment in 3 installments


lipocavitation results 1
lipocavitation results 2
– Reduce wrinkles, eliminates scars, restores elasticity, skin tightening and shine to the skin.

– Cavitation fat reduction treatment :The lipo cavitation technology allows the rejuvenation of the skin and it will break down the fat cells. It’s perfect for body contouring and body slimming.

– Improves blood circulation, accelerates the decomposition of fat, eliminates waste, improves the effect of removing cellulite, effectively improves the condition of areolar tissue.

– Releases skin cells, stimulates muscle tension, eliminates wrinkles, prevents skin aging, restores skin elasticity, reduces fat masses.

– No side effects, no surgery needed, no thermal damage.

– It can be used on almost any area of ​​your body where you are overweight. Aim for the skin surface or deep tissue. You will have direct access to the different layers of skin (superficial and dermal layers).

– The cavitation treatments are not painful.

– The results are visible immediately.

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Skin care radio frequency therapy

The radiofrequency will help to the skin elasticity. It will stimulate fibrous cells and help collagen regeneration. This will therefore allow a rejuvenation of the skin tissues.

Vacuum suction rf therapy (negative pressure)

The vacuum suction made by the probe will drain the blood and lymphatic system.

Lipocavitation treatment therapy for cellulite reduction

The treatment will improve the overall cellulite appearance.

Lipo cavitation ultrasonic treatment therapy for weight loss and body contouring

The beauty machine will allow a significant improvement of the silhouette and body contour.

Lipo cavitation machine for body sculpting

This body shaping device will sculpt the body and greatly improve the sillouhette.

Do you need ultrasound gel to do the sculpting lipo cavitation treatment?

Pure ultrasound gel is necessary for treatment. High quality slimming gel is required.

Can we use it in a beauty salon?

Once the lipo cavitation machine is received, we will send you a complete online training and certification. You will be able to treat your clients in your salon. Make sure the law allows you to practice in your country.

What happens to the body fat : adipose cells transforming effect

Cavitation energy sound waves create a phenomenon of water microbubbles in fat cells and transform fatty deposits into liquid substances. Then the destroyed fat cells are eliminated through the lymphatic and urinary systems.

Ultrasonic device for arm

The high frequency ultrasound will slim the arms.

Liposuction cavitation machine for thigh

The lipo cavitation machine allows slimming treatments for the thighs. This will greatly help your thighs to look fuller and better defined.

Lipo ultrasonic cavitation for body (body care treatment)

Our device is a powerful body sculpting machine which will help reduce fat in very targeted areas of the body so you will lose weight.

Lipo machine for the back

The lipo cavitation machine allows slimming treatments for the back. This will allow the back to have less drooping skin and reduce fat in targeted ways.

Lipo cavitation for the stomach

The lipo cavitation machine helps reduce stomach fat. Indeed, it is often difficult to lose weight on this part of the body. Lipo cavitation treatments are very targeted and can significantly reduce fat in this area.

Cavitation ultrasonic for the belly

The lipo cavitation machine allows you to do the belly treatments. This will reduce your fat in this area.

Cavitation machines for the hip dips

The lipo cavitation machine allows you to do waistline treatments. This will reduce your saddlebags and sculpt your hips.

Information about the lipo cavitation sessions

Cavitation machine ultrasonic the dangers and risks

It is a powerful cavitation rf machine but the risks associated with the treatment are low. It is important to put a low power at the beginning during treatments to ensure that your client's skin reacts well to the treatment and then you can increase it. But the treatment is a safe and efficacy operation.

Ultrasonic duration of treatment

A session last 1 hour.

Liposuction cavitation machine

Our slimming machine is different from liposuction, our device does not require surgery. The technology makes it possible to act under the skin.

Lipo ultrasonic cavitation how many treatments

8-12 sessions are recommended.

Does the lipo machine is portable?

Our device is a portable cavitation machine.

How long is the warranty for the lipo cavitation machines?

1-year warranty is offered with the purchase.

Does the lipo cavitation treatment is painless?

Yes, lipo cavitation is safe and painless.

Does the cavitation ultrasonic technology is FDA approved?

Yes the device is FDA approved.

Does the cavitation machines comes with online training?

Yes, full online training is included with the purchase.

Does the cavitation machine ultrasonic comes with a training certificate?

Yes the ultrasonic cavitation machines is offered with full online training and certification.

How long does the delivery of the lipo cavitation machines take?

10-12 days


accessories lipocavitation

– 40 KHz ultrasonic cavitation probe for cavitation treatments

– Three-pole RF probe for facial treatment

– Quadrupole RF probe for body treatment

– Bipolar RF probe with vacuum

– Multipolar probe with laser diode for body treatment

* Ultrasound gel needs to be purchased separately


Radiofrequency treatment

radiofrequency probe

3D radiofrequency allows deep and precise skin heating of collagen followed by remodeling. It has been used successfully in clinical trials to allow sagging skin. The heat generated by the passage of RF energy through the skin shrinks dermal collagen and promotes the formation of new collagen. This probe is great for skin tightening. Radiofrequency allows you to perform facial treatment or a body treatment.

Lipocavitation treatment
cavitation probe

The ultrasonic cavitation slimming technology releases powerful ultrasonic waves, which can rapidly vibrate fat cells, produce countless vacuum air pockets inside and outside cells, powerfully impact fat cells. The vacuum air pocket produced by the cavitation machine will break the membrane of fat cells, so as to dissolve the triglyceride to make glycerin and free fatty acid (broken down fat cells). Glycerin and free fatty acid will be eliminated by the lymphatic system and urinary systems. The ultrasound wave vibration is great for cellulite reduction and fat removal for a better body shape.

Ultrasonic cavitation treatment with suction

vacuum lipocavitation rf probe
The principle of vacuum weight loss device is to cause fat reduction in the body by the thermal effect of electricity, so that the weight loss site is broken down by thermal sweating to achieve loss of weight. It is a non-invasive weight loss treatment that uses ultrasound technology to shrink fat cells in the target area of ​​the body. This probe will do a lymphatic drainage collagen stimulation.


With the purchase of the device, you will have free access to our advanced online training platform explaining how the device works and the treatments for the stomach, thighs and face.

Summary of the training:

  1. Introduction
  2. Beauty Cavitation Protocol V1
  3. About us
  4. Precautions and Safety
  5. Installation
  6. Installation of probes
  7. Installing the filter
  8. Installation of the filter in the vacuum probe
  9. Presentation of the probes
  10. Cavitation Probe (40K)
  11. Bipolar Vacuum+RF mode
  12. 6-pole RF probe
  13. 4-pole RF probe
  14. 2-pole RF probe
  15. Facial treatment
  16. Belly treatment
  17. Thigh treatment

Technical characteristics

  • Cavitation frequency – 40 KHz
  • Radio frequency – 3 to 5 MHz
  • Maximum power – 160W
  • Power supply – 220V
  • Main materials – Metal and ABS
  • White colour
  • Standard (certifcation) – CE
  • Cavitation tip – 60mm
  • Guarantee – 1 year
  • Dimensions of the ultrasonic cavitation machines – 21cm * 23cm * 25cm

Package characteristics

Package Weight: 6,35KG

Package size: 40*37*29 CM

Customs clearance fees may apply (import duties and taxes that your local customs authorities may deem applicable).

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