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  • RF Treatment with the S Shape Machine
    Treatment with the S Shape Machine

How does the S Shape Machine work?

In the beauty world, an s shape machine is used as a non-invasive treatment to achieve fat removal, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, body slimming and body contouring. The s shape cavitation machine works by producing very low frequency sound waves that create tiny bubbles (or otherwise called cavities) inside fat cells. When the bubbles burst, they create a shock wave that destroys fat cell membranes, causing them to break down and release their contents (the fatty acids). The liquefied fat cells is then eliminated from under the epidermis through the lymphatic system, urine and liver. We call this phenomenon the lipolysis.

The S-shape cavitation slimming machine is mainly used on the body parts with excess fat, such as the hips (on the saddlebags), buttocks, thighs, abdomen and arms. You must apply an ultrasonic gel to protect the skin. The treatment of s shape 30k cavitation is done in a series of about 10-12 sessions depending on the thickness of the fat to be eliminated and the patient’s objectives. Each session of ultrasound cavitation with the kim 8 slimming system lasts about 30 to 60 minutes depending on the area of the body.

One of the main advantages of using an s shape machine for fat reduction and body shaping is that it is a no-surgery alternative to traditional methods such as lipo suction. However, it is important to understand that the S-shape cavitation machine is never a substitute for good diet and exercise. It is primarily an excellent supplement for someone with a healthy lifestyle who wants to help slim and shape the body.

The 5 in and 6 in s shape device is a multipolar device that allows radio frequency treatments which are recognized as being able to generate new collagen in the skin.

Here are the benefits of collagen for skin care :

  1. Improves skin elasticity: Collagen helps keep skin firmer and younger looking. Over time the collagen in our skin decreases causing us to have wrinkles, loose skin and dry skin. Radio frequency will therefore make your skin appear younger and more elastic.
  2. Scar wounds: Collagen is an element that allows the skin to heal its wounds, so it accelerates the healing process.
  3. Skin hydration: Collagen allows the skin to retain water. This helps keep the skin plumped and hydrated.
  4. Protects your skin against the sun: collagen protects your skin from UV rays which can be harmful to it.
  5. Reduction of inflammation: Collagen will allow you to reduce the inflammation of your skin, which can then reduce the redness and irritation caused by it.

There are many advantages to using an S Shape Machine for Cavitation & Rf, here they are:


the s shape cavitation machine allows for non-invasive treatments to reduce fat and reshape the body. This means that no surgery has to be performed with the 30k cavitation rf treatment for weight loss.

Low Risks and Fewer Side Effects:

Unlike other fat reduction procedures available, the ultrasonic 30 khz s shape treatment has fewer risks and side effects, such as scars, infections, blood clot and pain. Indeed, the risks associated with the treatment are minimal and short-lived.

No Downtime:

The s shape machine requires no downtime in order to let the body rest. Indeed, you can therefore resume your normal activities directly after the treatment.

Lasting Results:

The results of the s shape cavitation ultrasound machine are generally long-lasting, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise. However, you will need to do treatments a few times a year (ideally monthly) to ensure that you prolong the results as long as possible.

Cost Effective:

The s shape allows for much less expensive treatments than other fat reduction procedures available on the market (like liposuction for example), making it a much more cost effective option for patients.

Skin Safe:

The 30k s shape machine can be used on any skin type. This therefore makes the body massage slimming with cavitation a versatile and possible treatment option for a wide range of people.

Short Treatment Time:

The 30k s shape cavitation machine can be used to treat a large area of skin in a very short time, so this makes it a convenient and efficient option. A single session can allow you to do the whole body.

Can Be Practiced On Virtually Any Part Of The Body:

The s shape cavitation device can be used on a wide variety of body areas, including the back, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms. The RF facial slimming handle available with the machine will allow you do the facial anti aging treatment for wrinkles removal.

Skin Tightening Treatment:

The S shape 30k and 40k treatment with the machine can also tighten the skin and eliminate wrinkles. Indeed, the device contains a radio frequency (rf) handle that will stimulate collagen. The generation of new collagen allows anti-aging effects on the face, face lifting, makes the skin firmer and increases its elasticity.

Improves Lymphatic Circulation And Accelerates Blood Circulation:

The S shape 30k machine has a suction probe to drain the lymphatic system and the blood system. This will allow the body to better eliminate fat (fat burning effect) thanks to better blood circulation and lymphatic circulation.

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