Beauty Cavitation V2 – 40k Cavitation Machine & RF

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Beauty Cavitation V2 is an advanced RF & 40k cavitation machine to improve the appearance of your skin and reduce body fat. It will have a beneficial effect on your body and face. The treatment will firm your skin and provide a strong anti-cellulite effect, which will give you a more youthful appearance.

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Lipocavitation avant aprescavitation avant apres

– Eliminates wrinkles, eliminates scars, restores elasticity and shine to the skin and makes it blonde and smooth.

– Improves blood circulation, accelerates the decomposition of fat, eliminates waste, improves the effect of removing cellulite, effectively improves the condition of areolar tissue.

– Releases skin cells, stimulates muscle tension, eliminates wrinkles, prevents skin aging, restores skin elasticity, reduces fat masses.

– No side effects, no surgery needed, no thermal damage.

– It can be used on almost any area of ​​your body where you are overweight. Aim for the skin surface or deep tissue. You will have direct access to the different layers of skin.

– The treatments are not painful

– The results are visible immediately

  • weight loss of the belly treatment with rf probe
    weight loss of the belly treatment with rf probe

How does the 40k cavitation machine for skin care work?

The cavitation machine 40k makes waves that will penetrate under the skin to stimulate the fat under the epidermis, which causes detachment and disintegration of body fat cells. The device is great for body contouring. The beauty machine have different modes.

What is the 40k cavitation slimming machine?

The results are visible after a few sessions with the 40k cavitation machine. Besides, your beautician will probably take your measurements before and after the session to be able to show how the 40k machine has made you lose weight. If at the end of an anti-cellulite session on the thighs or arms, you notice an urgent need to urinate, this is normal. This is the fat cells that has been liquefied during processing and will need to be evacuated by the body. In the long run, the more sessions you do with the ultrasonic cavitation machine, you will notice that the cellulite under your skin will be less and less present and that fat deposits will be reduced. Normally, a few centimeters of fat can disappear with each session of 40k ultrasonic cavitation. The body slimming treatment offers very good results to patients who follow a healthy diet and who perform sports activities fluently. The fat reduction of the human body is a complex process. However, the ultrasonic cavitation slimming machine will accelerate the disappearance of fat cells. The 40k ultrasonic cavitation head will allow the production of new collagen which will make the tissues of the body firmer. Loose skin and uneven skin will be problems of the past. This non-invasive process will allow body contouring and body slimming.

On which parts of the body can we use the 40k cavitation and rf machine as an esthetician, massage therapist or beauty salon or spa owner?

40k cavitation and RF treatment can be done on : - On the face: forehead, cheeks, eye contour, chin and temples. - On the stomach (belly). - On thighs and legs. - On the buttocks. - In the back. - On the arms. - For double chin.

More details

What is the difference between a 30k cavitation machine, 40k cavitation machine and 80k cavitation machine (concerning wavelength & pulse)?

The 30k and 40k frequencies are the most common on the market and are the beauty machines that allow you to go the deepest under the skin. 80k slimming machines are, contrary to what most people think, less effective because they penetrate the skin much less. However, 80k ultrasonic cavitation machines heat your skin which may have other interesting benefits but it is recommended to use a 40k machine for best results.

What is the difference between cavitation treatment and liposuction treatment?

This treatment can be done with the cavitation machine. 40k cavitation or also called lipo cavitation is a medico-aesthetic technique that does not require invasive surgery that uses very low frequency waves as well as massage techniques to eliminate fat in a localized way.

How to use 40k cavitation machine to do facial tightening treatment?

Radio frequency (rf) with the cavitation machine 40k allows the stimulation as well as the production of collagen deep in the skin. The ultrasonic cavitation treatment of 40k cavitation also improves the quality of the existing collagen, which will slow down the signs of aging in the epidermis.

How does the non-invasive weight loss treatment that uses 40k cavitation technology to remove fat cells work?

The pulsed magnetic fields generated by the 40k beauty machine, meanwhile, promote the explosion of fat cells. The 40k ultrasonic cavitation treatment allows a natural result.

Can anyone have ultrasound 40k ultrasonic cavitation (vibration) and radiofrequency treatments?

It is a very simple treatment that takes little time and causes no pain to the patient. The cavitation slimming machine technique is generally recommended for patients who are already quite thin and would like to improve the appearance of their body and their skin and not lose significant weight.

40k cavitation machine at home, what disadvantage is there when using it (how to use it)?

It is recommended to have a complete training to use the machine. We offer e-learning training with the purchase of our device (instructions).

How does the ultrasonic cavitation treatment tighten and firm the skin (epidermis elasticity)?

Lipo-cavitation with the cavitation slimming machine 40k offers the possibility of losing waist, buttock or thigh circumference. The sessions of ultrasonic cavitation will also allow you to improve the appearance of your skin since this treatment makes the skin firmer thanks to the activation of the blood circulation that it produces. Say bye bye to loose skin.

How can radio frequency help tighten the skin pores?

Radio frequency is a scalpel-free treatment that will reduce your fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin thickness, firm it and make it smoother. The radio frequency with is a treatment that will slightly warm the collagen fibers under the skin and cause their retraction. Thus, during a 40k ultrasonic cavitation session, stimulated by the heat of the RF, the body will begin to produce new collagen, which helps to tighten the skin again.

How long does it take to have results after the body slimming treatment?

In general, 6 to 10 sessions spaced 7 days apart are necessary to obtain satisfactory results.

How long do the results last after the ultrasonic 40k cavitation sessions?

1 hour.

40k cavitation cellulite removers really work?

You may not know it, but there are several types of cellulite: fatty and fibrous. Lipo-cavitation with the cavitation beauty machine acts on these 2 types of cellulite in addition to deep fat in order to offer you the best result.

Will the results obtained after a 40k cavitation treatment remain permanent?

Yes, If you do treatments every year.

Is it possible to eat before doing a cavitation treatment?

We recommend having an empty stomach.

What parts of the body can receive 40k ultrasonic cavitation treatments?

On the stomach (belly). On thighs and legs. On the buttocks. In the back.

Is it possible to do fat reduction and at the same time firm up your skin (sublimation of the skin)?

Yes, the body slimming treatments with the device will help you reduce your body fat cells and firm your skin.

Is it safe to use the 40k cavitation machine for health?

The number one advantage of the ultrasonic cavitation treatment with the cavitation slimming machine is that it is very safe. The ultrasonic cavitation treatment that requires no anesthesia since there is no scalpel incision. In people with very sensitive skin, small bruises may sometimes appear after the 40k cavitation treatment, but they will disappear quickly.

Are there any risks or side effects of doing lipo 40k cavitation treatment on my stomach and thighs (side effects)?

There are certain side effects to cavitation treatment with the 40k cavitation machine such as numbness, swelling, bruising and tingling on the area that has been treated. During 40k cavitation treatment, It is also possible to experience nausea, increased thirst and loss of appetite.

Can the body slimming and body shaping machine be used by professionals to perform lymphatic drainage massage ?

Yes, the ultrasonic cavitation device has a vacuum probe made to perform the 40k cavitation lymphatic drainage and body slimming treatment.

Can the beauty machine be used on the face contours or neck?

The firming effect of the cavitation machine 40k can be compared to a memory foam mattress that gradually returns to its original shape. The treatment is indicated to treat the contour of the face which sags, double chin reduction, the jowls which begin to appear, the neck and the sagging in the arms, abdomen and inner thighs.

How does the slimming machine work for the stomach (belly fat loss)?

The combination of lipocavitation and radiofrequency technologies will be able to help restore a flat stomach and tighter skin without surgery. The device is great for body slimming and fat reduction sessions.

How does the 40k ultrasonic work for the arms?

The treatment on the arms with the device will gradually eliminate unwanted fatty deposits and make the skin firmer. The lipo cavitation 40k technology emits ultrasound which aims to destroy the fat cells targeted in the arm.

How does the 40k cavitation machine work for the anti-aging and rejuvenation treatment of the face (wrinkle reduction)?

It is not 40k cavitation technology that should be used on the face but radio frequency. Indeed, it is dangerous to use the cavitation 40k probe near the eyes, it can cause the retina to take off.

How does the machine 40k work for the legs (cellulite removal session)?

The cavitation machine 40k uses ultrasound to shrink fat cells and cellulite on your legs. The frequency of ultrasound waves is 40khz on average. This promotes what is called the phenomenon of cavitation. It will reduce fat on your thighs and legs.

How does the 40k ultrasonic work for the back and waist?

The waves generated continuously by the 40k machine create microscopic gas bubbles in fat cells. These micro-bubbles eventually explode and will then break the adipocyte walls of the fat cell. This process releases triglycerides (lipids) causing the fat deposits on the back and waist to break down. This effect is called lipolysis. After a body slimming 40k cavitation session, these triglycerides are then eliminated through the urine.

How does the suction work for the vacuum RF treatment (ultrasound vacuum slimming)?

The pressure exerted by the suction cup offered with the 40k cavitation machine will allow lymphatic drainage and this, simultaneously with the beneficial effect generated by the radio frequency emitted by the probe, will reduce belly and thigh fat.

Do we need to use gel or essential oil during a cavitation session ?

The esthetician will apply a contact gel or oil to the treatment area of 40k cavitation. It will protect the skin superficially in addition to ensuring good sliding of the tip.

Do we receive e-learning training with the purchase of the body slimming cavitation machine?

Full online training is offered with the purchase of the device.

How does the cold hot hammer work?

The cavitation machine 40k contains a hot and cold probe attachment. The cold calms the skin and reduces redness. The hot mode of the hammer helps the skin to absorb nutrients and, in the case of injection and mesotherapy, it facilitates the anesthesia of the area to be treated, calms the itching and inflammation.

Does the machine allow you to do a skin lifting (anti-wrinkle treatment)

Yes, the 40k machine will allow a rejuvenating effect on the face.

Does the machine allow LED luminosity and photon microcurrent treatments?

LED photomodulation is a treatment that is possible with the machine. It consists in emitting cold lights and exposing them to the cells of our body in order to obtain a bio stimulation and the regeneration of the cells of the skin. The light will stimulate metabolism, increase oxygenation of tissue membranes and increase fibroblast-like collagen and other skin supporting substances.

Does the slimming machine help the blood circulation and new collagen production?

Yes, the drainage generated by the vacuum knob will help the blood circulation.

What are the benefits of doing a radio frequency treatment?

Radiofrequency treatments with the cavitation machine 40k will smooth out wrinkles, stimulate more collagen production, which will rejuvenate the skin and increase firmness.

40k ultrasonic cavitations treatment, what are the benefits?

The principle of lipo cavitation 40k consists in destroying the cells called adipocytes, where the fats are accumulated. This will allow a thinning of the treated area and a fat reduction . The functions of the device will have beneficial effects for the skin, it will improve loose skin by tightening it and help to solve uneven skin problems. These methods are risk-free and provide the best results.

Why purchasing the device from us?

What is your Customer support

You have access to lifetime customer service that will help you with 40k ultrasonic cavitation treatments after purchasing the 40k machine.

What is your Privacy Policy?

During purchasing the cavitation machine 40k, your information is confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party.

What are your Terms of Service?

You can visit our service term page here :

What is your Refund Policy?

No refund is possible. However, a device replacement will be offered in the event of breakage caused by a manufacturing problem with the cavitation machine. Here is our return policy:

What is your Shipping Policy?

Processing times are 5-8 days and then delivery of the machine takes 10-12 days. We send you a tracking number so you can see the movement of your order in real time.


– 40 KHz lipocavitation probe

– Bipolar RF probe for facial treatment

– 6 polar RF probe for body treatment

– 8 polar RF probe for body treatment

– 6 polar RF probe with suction for body treatment

– LED photon probe for face

– Hot / cold face probe


Radiofrequency treatment

traitement radiofréquence

3D radio frequency warms the skin deeply, stimulates collagen and all, followed by skin remodeling. Several clinical trials have shown that the treatment allows sagging skin. The heat generated by the passage of RF energy through the skin shrinks dermal collagen and promotes the formation of new collagen.




Lipocavitation treatment

traitement cavitationCavitation releases powerful ultrasonic waves, which will cause fat cells in the body to vibrate rapidly, producing a very large amount of vacuum air pockets inside and outside the cells. The vacuum air bag produced by the cavitation machine will eventually explode the membrane of the fat cells, dissolving the triglyceride to make glycerin and free fatty acid. Glycerin and free fatty acid will be eliminated with the metabolism.




Ultrasonic cavitation treatment with suction

Cavitation ultrasonique avec aspirationThe principle of the device of the radiofrequency vacuum suction probe is the same as for the regular RF probe except that the pressure exerted on the skin allows for more in-depth work. It will also promote better elimination of glycerin and free fatty acid by directing them directly to the blood and lymphatic system. It is therefore a non-invasive weight loss treatment that uses ultrasound technology to reduce fat cells in the target area of ​​the body.





Hot / cold facial treatment

One of the main benefits of the knob is its effectiveness in softening the skin, calming irritation and reducing inflammation of the skin. On the other hand, the probe improves the elasticity of the skin, smoothes and softens the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, it constricts the blood vessels of the face and improves the skin.


LED facial treatment

The dermatological led light probe offers many advantages: it is safe, painless and without side effects. It can be used to treat acne or all types of skin conditions, but is also effective on stretch marks or to treat fine lines, wrinkles and spots. The red light is for waking up and activating the skin. Blue light is for calming and decreasing inflammation. The green light is to comfort the skin. The violet light is for the elimination of toxins. Orange light is for balancing and recomposing. Turquoise light is for relaxation. The yellow light is for clamping and oxygen supply.




Technical characteristics

  • Cavitation frequency – 40 KHz
  • Radio frequency – 3 to 5 MHz
  • Maximum power – 160W
  • Power supply – 220V
  • Main materials – Metal and ABS
  • White colour
  • Standard (certifcation) – CE
  • Cavitation tip – 60mm
  • Guarantee – 1 year
  • Dimensions – 25 × 21× 22 cm
  • Weight 8KG

Package characteristics

Package Weight: 9KG
Package size: 46*26*26 CM

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