Beauty Cavitation V2 – 40k Cavitation Machine & RF

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Beauty Cavitation V2 is an advanced 40k cavitation and RF machine to improve the appearance of your skin and reduce body fat. It will have a beneficial effect on your body and face. The treatment will firm your skin and provide a strong anti-cellulite effect, which will give you a more youthful appearance.

✅ Full online training offered with purchase explaining the operation of the device, the modes and the accessories in order to treat the stomach, thigh and face. * Our training is more complete than the competition!

✅ Training certificate in your name allowing you to notify your clients that you have been properly trained.

✅ FREE and FAST delivery anywhere in USA, Canada, UK and other countries

✅ All accessories are included with the purchase

✅ 1 year warranty

✅ Possibility of payment in 3 installments

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In stock




Lipocavitation avant aprescavitation avant apres

– Eliminates wrinkles, eliminates scars, restores elasticity and shine to the skin and makes it blonde and smooth.

– Improves blood circulation, accelerates the decomposition of fat, eliminates waste, improves the effect of removing cellulite, effectively improves the condition of areolar tissue.

– Releases skin cells, stimulates muscle tension, eliminates wrinkles, prevents skin aging, restores skin elasticity, reduces fat masses.

– No side effects, no surgery needed, no thermal damage.

– It can be used on almost any area of ​​your body where you are overweight. Aim for the skin surface or deep tissue. You will have direct access to the different layers of skin.

– The treatments are not painful

– The results are visible immediately


– 40 KHz lipocavitation probe

– Bipolar RF probe for facial treatment

– 6 polar RF probe for body treatment

– 8 polar RF probe for body treatment

– 6 polar RF probe with suction for body treatment

– LED photon probe for face

– Hot / cold face probe


Radiofrequency treatment

traitement radiofréquence

3D radio frequency warms the skin deeply, stimulates collagen and all, followed by skin remodeling. Several clinical trials have shown that the treatment allows sagging skin. The heat generated by the passage of RF energy through the skin shrinks dermal collagen and promotes the formation of new collagen.




Lipocavitation treatment

traitement cavitationCavitation releases powerful ultrasonic waves, which will cause fat cells in the body to vibrate rapidly, producing a very large amount of vacuum air pockets inside and outside the cells. The vacuum air bag will eventually explode the membrane of the fat cells, dissolving the triglyceride to make glycerin and free fatty acid. Glycerin and free fatty acid will be eliminated with the metabolism.




Ultrasonic cavitation treatment with suction

Cavitation ultrasonique avec aspirationThe principle of the device of the radiofrequency vacuum suction probe is the same as for the regular RF probe except that the pressure exerted on the skin allows for more in-depth work. It will also promote better elimination of glycerin and free fatty acid by directing them directly to the blood and lymphatic system. It is therefore a non-invasive weight loss treatment that uses ultrasound technology to reduce fat cells in the target area of ​​the body.





Hot / cold facial treatment

One of the main benefits of the knob is its effectiveness in softening the skin, calming irritation and reducing inflammation of the skin. On the other hand, the probe improves the elasticity of the skin, smoothes and softens the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, it constricts the blood vessels of the face and improves the skin.


LED facial treatment

The dermatological led light probe offers many advantages: it is safe, painless and without side effects. It can be used to treat acne or all types of skin conditions, but is also effective on stretch marks or to treat fine lines, wrinkles and spots. The red light is for waking up and activating the skin. Blue light is for calming and decreasing inflammation. The green light is to comfort the skin. The violet light is for the elimination of toxins. Orange light is for balancing and recomposing. Turquoise light is for relaxation. The yellow light is for clamping and oxygen supply.




Technical characteristics

  • Cavitation frequency – 40 KHz
  • Radio frequency – 3 to 5 MHz
  • Maximum power – 160W
  • Power supply – 220V
  • Main materials – Metal and ABS
  • White colour
  • Standard (certifcation) – CE
  • Cavitation tip – 60mm
  • Guarantee – 1 year
  • Dimensions – 46 × 26 × 26 cm
  • Weight 9 kg


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