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Free Cavitation Training Online

This cavitation training online course will help you learn more about the process of achieving results. Ultrasonic cavitation and radiofrequency treatment results in fat dissolution, hip/hip/thigh contouring, skin smoothing and tightening, lifting of sagging skin, fat reduction, enhanced S-curve contouring, body detoxification and a rejuvenating effect.

Treatments can be applied to virtually the entire body with a ultrasonic cavitation machine. Cavitation probes will be used primarily on the stomach and thighs and RF probes will be used on the stomach and thighs, but also on the face and arms. The main advantages of RF treatment on the face are contouring, wrinkle reduction, stimulation of collagen regeneration to lift and tighten the skin. The treatment is very popular in the beauty industry. A lot of spas, beauty salon owners or aestheticians offer it in their establishment.

Body contouring lipo cavitation is an ideal alternative to liposuction

Liposuction entails a surgical procedure in which an incision is made to draw out excess fat from certain parts of the body in order to get rid of it. The results are quick, but the operation requires anaesthesia and a very long period of time to recover from the treatment. Such an invasive procedure also carries many health risks. The S shape cavitation machine, on the other hand, is an almost risk-free body sculpting treatment with minor side effects.

Cavitation online course : How to carry out a cavitation treatment?

This online cavitation training teaches you how to do the tummy tuck treatment (body contouring). When you purchase one of our  ultrasonic cavitation body contouring devices (for example, the 40k cavitation machine), you will receive a comprehensive training which explains all the steps of each of the treatments that can be done with the device (tummy, thighs and face) as well as the running and setting of the machine and its accessories. After the cavitation training course, you will also receive a training certificate of completion in your name. You will be able to practice this body sculpting treatment which is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and America.

The ultrasound cavitation tummy tuck treatment offers a number of beneficial effects. It will straighten the skin of the waist and center of the stomach, reduce fat in the saddlebags and abdomen, reduce skin stretch lines, reduce stretch marks, and make the skin more elastic.

Key points :

  • Do 10-12 sessions, one per week. A session of ultrasound cavitation rf should last about 40 minutes.
  • Do not leave the ultrasonic cavitation probe and the radiofrequency probe motionless on any part of the body, but make sure that it is always in motion.
  • Do not touch the bones, the uterus or during menstruation.
  • It is very important to drink a lot of water before and after the body sculpting ultrasound cavitation treatments. Your body will have a rapid surplus of fat to get rid of and you will need to be well hydrated so that this does not cause health problems.
  • Regarding the power to be used, it is advisable for the beginner to start from the minimum energy and gradually increase the energy.

What machine should I use?

Cavitation training: treatment protocols about how to use a cavitation machine on the stomach

Step 1: Spread the cavitation gel on the stomach

To begin with the body contouring treatment, you need to spread some gel over the area to be treated. Apply it generously and make sure you cover the whole stomach. The gel will help protect the skin and make it easier for the probe to slide over the body.

Step 2: Use the ultrasonic cavitation probe

cavitation probe
The ultrasonic cavitation probe emits energy vibrations that focus on the fat in a specific way. This will reduce subcutaneous fat deposits without any surgical intervention. The probe should not be used on areas of the body where fat is not thick (back, face, chest, bottom, bones). The body contouring treatments should only be done on the stomach and thighs when the cavitation probe is used.

Never place the probe near the heart or face. As for the power to be used, the beginner is advised to start with the minimum energy and gradually increase the energy.
1. Make circles around the navel cavitation training belly treatment step 1
2. Slide from the middle of the stomach to the hips cavitation training belly treatment step 2
3. Slide from the hips to the middle of the stomach cavitation training belly treatment step 3
4. Perform small circles, ending the movement towards the middle of the stomach cavitation training belly treatment step 4
5. Make a circle by trimming to cover all the body cavitation training belly treatment step 5
Do each movement about 3-5 times with the ultrasound cavitation probe

Step 3: Use the radio frequency probe

radio frequency hand probe
The radio frequency probe generates heat which heats the collagen tissue and stimulates it. This allows the collagen to regenerate in a sustainable way. The probe also produces contractions. It is therefore likely that the patient feels a sensation of tightening of the skin.

Never bring the probe close to the heart or face. Regarding the power to be used, the beginner is advised to start with the minimum energy and slowly increase the energy. The higher the energy level, the clearer the tinnitus.

Repeat the same movements as for ultrasonic cavitation but using the radio frequency probe (rf treatments).

6. Make circles around the navel cavitation training belly treatment step 6
7. Slide from the middle of the stomach to the hips cavitation training belly treatment step 7
8. Slide from the hips to the middle of the stomach cavitation training belly treatment step 8
9. Perform small circles, ending the movement towards the middle of the stomach cavitation training belly treatment step 9
10. Make a circle by trimming to cover all the body cavitation training belly treatment step 10
Do each movement about 3-5 times

Conclusion of the cavitation training

Please remember that a much more comprehensive cavitation training online course is available with the purchase of our lipo cavitation machine explaining how to do the treatment of the face, stomach and thighs. It’s a preregistered online training with lifetime access that you can do at your own pace. We have had excellent feedback from all of our students.

Finally, the treatment is a safe and non-invasive procedure but it is important to always make sure to conduct an examination of the patient’s health and skin condition before performing it. The following are health conditions that are not suitable for receiving body contouring treatment.

– Those with “3 H’s” (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood lipids) and heart disease.

– Those who are pregnant, menstruating or breastfeeding.

– Those who have just undergone surgery or are convalescing.

– Those with epilepsy, severe diabetes and hyperthyroidism.

– Those with malignant tumours, haemophilia or severe bleeding.

– Those with skin diseases and infectious diseases.

– Those with severe gynaecological diseases.

  • More contraindications are explained in the online training


We conclude with some frequently asked questions from our customers:

  1. Q: How soon can I start experiencing the results of the treatments?

A: This varies a lot from patient to patient, but normally after about 10 treatments, you should notice the results.

  1. Q: Are the treatments harmful to the skin?

A: Indeed, the treatments stimulate the regeneration of collagen under the skin and stimulate the metabolism, which is not harmful to the skin at all. Partial redness may appear after the treatments and will disappear after a short time, so there is no need to worry.

  1. Q: What are all the functions of this device?

A: For facial treatments, the treatments will shape the facial contour, reduce wrinkles and sagging skin. For body treatments, they will help remove subcutaneous fat by liquefying the fat cells, smoothing the S-shaped curve of the body and detoxifying the entire body.

  1. Q: Which is better in terms of weight loss, liposuction or this machine?

A: The aim of liposuction is to draw out excess fat from an area of the body using the negative pressure suction method, in order to meet the goal of rapid weight loss in certain areas of the body. The results are fast, but an anaesthetic and a recovery period are necessary. Liposuction falls into the category of surgery and involves risks. However, our cavitation machine (also called the kim 8 slimming system) is risk-free and has minor side effects. While losing weight, it is possible to stimulate collagen regeneration to lift and tighten the skin.

  1. Q: Do I need to go on a diet?

A: Because the treatments end with a liquefaction of fatty tissue and an accelerated metabolism, it is best to avoid eating spicy, fatty or fried foods to avoid affecting the metabolism. Proper exercise and sweating also help the process.

  1. Q: Does using this device have any side effects on the body?

A: The treatments are non-invasive and are presently the safest and most effective method of removing wrinkles and shaping the body. A limited number of people may experience transient redness or swelling following the treatment which will disappear after a few hours. The skin will lose moisture due to the heat, so it may become drier. It is important to apply gel before each treatment to protect the skin.

  1. Q: Can ultrasound treatments (cavitations) be used on the whole body?

A: You should never use the cavitation probe on the head (especially near the eyes), near the heart and on the bones (especially on the hips and back).

  1. Q: Does ultrasound have any side effects on the human body?

A: Ultrasonic cavitation treatment does not require any surgical intervention and therefore significantly reduces the risks. It is based on ultrasound (mechanical sound wave) – cavitation fat blowing – developed by ultrasound. The results are fat reduction by dissolution, skin tightening and body shaping respectively. It focuses only on low-density fat cells while leaving high-density tissues such as blood vessels undamaged, thus having almost no side effects on the human body. Mild tinnitus may occur during the treatment, but there is no need to worry. However, you should never undergo treatments on the head, back, hips and close to the heart.

  1. Q: Why does tinnitus occur?

A: This is due to the fact that ultrasound is accompanied by a high frequency vibration, which can be up to 20 kHz. It also goes deep into the fat layers of the skin, which can go down to 20 mm below the epidermis. The ultrasound gets stronger and causes high-speed friction between the fat cells, causing them to burst and heat up, and then emulsify. And during the process, the ultrasound can cause micro-vibrations in the tissues that make us feel like we have “tinnitus”.

  1. Q: You mention that the treatments stimulate collagen, but what is collagen?

A: Collagen is a biological macromolecular substance, a white, opaque and unbranched fibrous protein. It supplies the necessary nutrient to all layers of the skin, retains moisture, nourishes the skin, slows down ageing, loosens the skin of the face, provides nutrients for the hair, etc. Collagen is a nutrient that the human body builds up to retard aging. From the age of 20, collagen gradually decreases. At the age of 25, the loss of collagen reaches its peak. At the age of 40, the amount of collagen is less than half of what it was at 18. It is the loss of collagen and water that causes wrinkles on the face of older people. The breakdown of collagen fibres and elastic mesh will cause oxidation and atrophy of the skin tissue. The skin will become drier, wrinkled, flabby and inelastic, etc. Therefore, in order to delay ageing, collagen must be stimulated.

  1. Q: What is the purpose of the probe for bipolar vacuum treatment (negative pressure)?

A: The suction of the skin and the relaxation caused by the probe, allows for a detoxification of the skin. This will allow the skin pores to open and close, allowing the skin to breathe, increasing the amount of oxygen in the skin and accelerating the elimination of waste products. It will also stimulate and unblock the lymphatic system, which promotes the removal of fat cells previously liquefied by the cavitation treatment.

12. Does an online cavitation certification is offered with the purchase of the device?

A: Yes, lipo cavitation certification is offered after the completion of our online cavitation training.

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